Company Description
Trefoil Cultural and Environmental is a privately owned cultural resource management firm, capable of completing a variety of archaeological and historical projects. We have a client-centered approach that recognizes the need to quickly meet compliance and permitting requirements. When requested, Trefoil also provides quality research and outreach activities that can be integrated into a variety of educational, community and interpretive projects. While Trefoil works on projects wherever our clients need us, our focus is on Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa.

Our expertise and experience include state permitting and compliance, NHPA (National Historic Preservation Act—Section 106), NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act), NAGPRA (North American Graves Protection, and ARPA (Archaeological Resources Protection Act). Trefoil actively and regularly works with state and federal regulatory agencies to design projects and reports that meet compliance needs and get permits quickly.

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We believe that cost-effective service is best provided by a small team of highly trained individuals. Led by Dr. Richard Rothaus, all staff are cross-trained and experienced in archaeological field survey, GIS and GPS applications, basic artifact identification and analysis, and archival research. Sometimes, of course, specialists are needed, and Trefoil has working relationships with a variety of architectural historians, geomorphologists and artifact specialists who can be called upon as required. Trefoil maintains a full-time staff of 3 with additional full-time seasonal help. If needed, we can field a larger crew on short notice.

Trefoil has a digital infrastructure, and all our data is housed at a secure on-line repository. Our work is for the most part paperless, and we use digital documents, GIS, spreadsheets and databases. There is no data entry, photocopying or lag time as data moves from one staff member to the next. While we have an office, we find that it rarely is used. Everyone is equipped with ruggedized-computers, scanners and other equipment so that whatever field we happen to be in functions just fine as an office.

Trefoil maintains a full complement of equipment needed for fieldwork. We have three 4-wheel drive vehicles equipped with ruggedized laptops and GPS. An ATV is available for field use, and is specially adapted for mechanized soil augering to a depth of 9 feet. This ATV can also extract continuous lined soil cores to a depth of 21 feet. Trefoil maintains multiple field-mapping devices, including survey grade (centimeter accuracy) GPS units and a base station. We have modified a travel-trailer to serve as a field lab for projects that require us to be on-site for extended periods. Trefoil also has, of course, the normal field equipment: shovels, screens, digital cameras, and the like.

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